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My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is changing it’s algorithm, but I want to ask you not to turn on your post notifications for my account.  I could not ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself (I detest notifications!).  Our lives are already interrupted enough and bombarded by so many notifications on our phones and I want to live… Read More My Favorite Instagram Accounts


Pork Chops & Creamy Herb Sauce

Growing up, pork wasn’t a regular menu item.  It was served more as a celebration meal (Cubans eat pork for Christmas instead of a turkey…and sometimes even for Thanksgiving).  But I do remember, when my grandma would make pork chops, they were pretty darn delicious!  These days, I still don’t cook much of it, but… Read More Pork Chops & Creamy Herb Sauce

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Favorite Miami Brunch Spots

Mikey and I love going on dates…especially those that involve exploring new places to eat!  I’m a breakfast person, but Mikey is most definitely not.  He prefers lunch or dinner so our compromise is to have a brunch.  I can get my breakfast food and he can get lunch.  We’ve explored many of the restaurants… Read More Favorite Miami Brunch Spots

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Ranch Doritos Chicken

After a get together recently, I had an entire leftover bag of Doritos.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it since we don’t usually eat chips much around here, so I began to rack my brain for a good recipe to create with it.  After a few different ideas, this was the best… Read More Ranch Doritos Chicken

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When I Don’t Wear My Ring

My ring is so beautiful and it’s everything I ever wanted.  It’s the perfect size for my large hand (that’s a thing) and it shines stunningly and reminds me every day of our wedding (which was a year ago next month… :O).  I told Mikey exactly what I wanted in a ring and he got me… Read More When I Don’t Wear My Ring


The Fluffiest Pancakes for 2

The best pancakes for two recipe (or single serving pancake recipe if you love these as much as I do!). These are fluffy, thick, slightly sweet, quick and easy in under 10 minutes. The perfect thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning! … Read More The Fluffiest Pancakes for 2