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Our Wedding Day

This past month I’ve been writing about all the big events in our life, such as when we met and when we got engaged.  And now, I’m writing about our wedding day!  The day was by far the best of my life and nothing can ever top that!  In case you are interested, HERE are the posts… Read More Our Wedding Day

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Our Engagement Day

April is our wedding month so I’m sharing all about love and marriage! This is part two in my little series about our love story.  If you’d like to see what has happened in our story up until this point, check out THIS post about how we met! 🙂 So picking up where we were last, Mikey and… Read More Our Engagement Day

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Roasted Potato Wedges & Garlic Aioli Sauce

Another post on potatoes. Yes, I know.  I’m addicted, and I can’t help it.  They’re just soooo good!  I love finding new ways to cook them and serve them.  Whether they’re in appetizer form, a side or even made into bread rolls, I absolutely love them (especially with a some sour cream!).  And to be… Read More Roasted Potato Wedges & Garlic Aioli Sauce

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Husband Bashing. So What?

When was the last time you heard a girl talking badly (even if she was talking truth) about her husband?  Was this girl a friend of yours?  Or were you part of a larger conversation and you didn’t know her that well?  Isn’t it an awkward situation to be in?  I always find it so… Read More Husband Bashing. So What?

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Reese’s Fudge Brownies

  I haven’t shared a dessert in a while so I thought why not cure the Monday blues with some delicious (and easy to make) brownies? 😉  Mikey kept sending me hints that he wanted peanut butter brownies by sending me pictures of peanut butter brownies… So I decided to surprise him with some after… Read More Reese’s Fudge Brownies

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How We Met

Since the month of April is our anniversary month (coming up to one year on the 18th! woohoo!), I thought it would be fun to share how we met, got engaged, our wedding, honeymoon and some of the things I’ve learned during this past year.  It has definitely been a whirlwind of a year; it… Read More How We Met