Challah French Toast

Turn your homemade Challah Bread into a special breakfast everyone will love!… Read More Challah French Toast


5 Step Challah Bread

The classic Jewish loaf that makes for a delicious breakfast (especially when you make it into French Toast!).… Read More 5 Step Challah Bread


Honey Oat Whole Wheat Bread

A delicious combination of flours to make this slightly sweet and addictive bread!… Read More Honey Oat Whole Wheat Bread


One Hour Chicken Pot Pie

Comfort food at it’s finest. A delicious combination of veggies in a tasty gravy filling with a flaky pie crust. The best.… Read More One Hour Chicken Pot Pie

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Banana Nutella Bundt Cake

A few months back, I created a recipe for Banana Nutella Muffins.  They were a HIT! I can easily down a 1/4 batch in one sitting if I am not careful.   I never really understood people who said when they try something good, they can’t stop. This is that recipe for me.  I eat one… Read More Banana Nutella Bundt Cake


Grace’s Birth Story

Since before Grace was born, I knew I was going to type up her birth story.  I just wasn’t sure if I was going to share it on here.  However, after doing a poll on Instagram Stories and seeing that 100% of those who voted wanted to read it, I figured I’d share it here. … Read More Grace’s Birth Story


Caprese Bruschetta

This post is sponsored by Stella® but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. What’s for dinner? A couple nights back, my husband celebrated his 31st birthday! Well, we didn’t celebrate that night because he worked 9am-9pm, so we decided to celebrate it a few days later.  We had our parents over for… Read More Caprese Bruschetta

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Peach Crumble Pie

Fourth of July is just around the corner! And with that comes the need for some really delicious desserts!  I mean, the burgers and hot dogs are certainly important, too but c’mon dessertsssssss….. Sure, you can go the apple pie route.  That’s classic.  I”m not telling you not to make it… but how about we… Read More Peach Crumble Pie

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Brownie Sundae Cups

Typical looking brownie….exceptional taste and presentation! You can TOTALLY do this!… Read More Brownie Sundae Cups