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When To Buy Things Year Round

  Since we have begun budgeting and been a little more conscious of where our money is going, I have tried to find the really good deals in different places where I can save money throughout the year.  A lot of times, that means stocking up on certain things at good prices to keep us… Read More When To Buy Things Year Round

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Save Over $1000 Between Now and Christmas

Since this year began, Mikey and I have been so much more mindful of saving money.  We have budgeted a lot more than we used to and are learning more about handling money.  One thing I began at the beginning of the year was saving $20 a week.  I bought a mason jar with a… Read More Save Over $1000 Between Now and Christmas

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30 Free Date Ideas

Mikey and I absolutely love going on dates.  If you’ve following along for a while, you might remember I shared about our Dates Inza Jar.  We have had so much fun going through those.  They’ve been adventurous, relaxing, fun and exciting.  And although they’ve all been awesome, let’s be honest: most dates require some money.  And… Read More 30 Free Date Ideas

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3 Apps That Will Make You Money

If you have a smartphone, there are many ways you can be saving or making money.  I have spent time trying out some apps and determining which have the best return.  Some I have used longer than others, but all have given me rewards in one way or another.  You, too, can be making this money… Read More 3 Apps That Will Make You Money