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How To Pack for Two in a Carry-On

Traveling for a long weekend getaway? Wherever you are going, you can pack for two in just a carry on! Check it out!… Read More How To Pack for Two in a Carry-On

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Wedding and Event Planning

You have spent so much time on all your ideas and visions for your wedding day (or event) and bringing them to life.  But now, it is time to enjoy that day, not spend it stressed and worrying about the details.  Let us help you with that.  Maybe you have already planned your full wedding,… Read More Wedding and Event Planning

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Orlando Restaurant Recommendation: Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

Every time Mikey and I go out of town, we spend (a lot) of time on Yelp before we head out looking for great restaurants in our area.  We both love food, so we get so excited finding places we’ve never been to, or meals we’ve never heard of, or even restaurants that serve a… Read More Orlando Restaurant Recommendation: Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

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Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Last month, we took a weekend trip to Vero Beach.  We stayed in the Walt Disney World Resort and it was positively magical (even being under construction).  It was a picturesque beach resort with lovely little free standing buildings that face the beach for rent for a large family.  It was just us two, so… Read More Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

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3 Ways to Organize Photos & Memories

Since getting married, Mikey consistently asks me to organize all of our memories such as pictures in the form of scrapbooks, journals, etc.  I truthfully do not find that all too exciting so I always put it off and have for a long time… However, I know that every time we go through our pictures and… Read More 3 Ways to Organize Photos & Memories

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Exploring: Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

Disney’s Food and Wine Festival always caught my attention, but I never had the opportunity to go. Being food lovers, it did not take much to get us to plan this trip.  So this past fall, Mikey and I decided to try it out.  It was definitely a fun and delicious experience which we hope… Read More Exploring: Disney’s Food and Wine Festival

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Exploring Philly

Last summer, Mikey and I were looking to travel so we googled “cheap flights out of Miami” and found a great deal to Philadelphia.  We spent under $150 for two round trip tickets and we knew we couldn’t pass that up.  We got a hotel in downtown Philly and set off for our little escapade.… Read More Exploring Philly


Palm Beach: 5/24-5/26

Since before we were married, my husband and I were so excited to travel! We absolutely love discovering new places, near and far. In the three months we’ve been married, we’ve taken five mini vacations besides our honeymoon! My husband has a very awesome schedule where we have the luxury of taking a vacation every… Read More Palm Beach: 5/24-5/26