12 Important Wedding Day Songs

Music is a huge part of a wedding.  There are so many different songs to choose for each part of the wedding.  It takes a lot of thought and lots of listening to different songs to decide on one for each item.  At my wedding, I had everything planned out from early on, I just couldn’t decide on a first dance song with my new husband! What?! Well, I let him choose and it is so special and memorable.  I am glad we did that!

12 important wedding day songs that should be at every wedding.

Not all songs have to be memorable, but I assure you, the ones you choose will always remind you of your wedding day after.  I remember that instead of going for the typical Beyonce “Single Ladies” song for the Bouquet Toss, I selected Michael Buble’s “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” I liked the style of the song so much more and it was a little more original.  I think every wedding I have ever been to has played Single Ladies.  Not knocking it, I just like my stuff to be original. ;)

Have you thought through your songs? There are so many aspects you need to think of.  You may not use them all, but you have to consider them all, decide what you are going to do and then decide on a song.  It can be tough to select it, but put some thought in it.  You’ll appreciate it later.  Now every time I hear one of “our” songs from our wedding day, so many emotions and thoughts come flooding in as I remember that day.

Also, don’t forget to choose dinner music.  There is nothing more dull than a quiet dinner time where all you can hear is chatter from the tables, or your DJ taking creative liberty and playing his favorite song during the meal.  Just don’t forget it.  At the very least, find an already prepared playlist on Spotify and go with it.

Anyway, I wanted to share this picture with you of the top 12 important songs you need to consider for your wedding day. Again, you might not choose them all, but be aware of these things and inform your coordinator about the songs you are using and what you are not going to do.

12 important wedding day songs that should be at every wedding.

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