Living for Christ Alone


These past few weeks I’ve been thinking about how much I “know” the Bible.  I was asking myself if I simply knew the things being taught or were they truly being lived out in my life.  Growing up in a Christian household, I always went to church, attended home group and spent my own quiet time in the Word.  I read a lot of the Bible and different books to grow in my spiritual walk.  I learned so much!  However, I think I learned much more than I was putting into practice.

As the older sister in the family, I always had a bit of extra pressure since I was supposed to be the example to the rest.  I had to be the one to exemplify obedience, submission and love for Christ.  I had to show the younger ones how to do it (at least that’s the way I felt growing up.).  Many times I did do it, too.  I kept up with all my responsibilities and lived out a Christian life that my siblings could look up to.  However, as I look back now, I realize that I didn’t always do it for Christ; I often did it for my parents, my siblings and others.  It wasn’t my intention, nor did I ever purposely do it for that, it just happened as I felt pressured to live up to a certain standard.

I don’t want to know any longer. I want to live. I don’t want to have all the right answers. I want to show the right answers.  May 1 Timothy 4:12 be seen in me because I want it, not because of pressure from others.

This verse says to be an example to the believers in:
1. Speech 2. Life 3. Love 4. Faith 5. Purity

These are some of the biggest challenges…but, if it means making Christ’s name known, I’m up to facing them. I want to live in these ways because that’s what God desires of me. I’m no longer living for my husband/siblings/parents, but for Christ. This life is for Him. Living in these five ways is going to bring me great joy and stretch me beyond anything I’ve ever tried. Watching how I speak, my conduct, who and how I love, the way I believe in Christ, and staying holy & pure is no easy task and there’s no easy way to start; but I know if I just jump in and start living in this way, I’m going to be so blessed. The Lord is faithful and will help me grow in all these areas if I earnestly ask Him and He knows where I need more help and where I’ve grown. All in all though, I need Him for everything. I can do none of these things without His patient guidance and loving grace.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” {Psalm 19:14}

What is in my heart is exactly what flows out of my mouth (which can be a dangerous thing!). Having Him on my heart all day though, can bring so much life to everyone I come in contact with. If I let Him take control in those five areas, not only will He become greater in me, but it will overflow to everyone I talk to and spend time with. That is what I want to live for. To make Him known for His glory, not my own. And if that can be accomplished, I want it– no matter what it takes.  No longer for those around me, but for Him.

“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever, with my mouth I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.” {Psalm 89:1}

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