Palm Beach: 5/24-5/26

Since before we were married, my husband and I were so excited to travel! We absolutely love discovering new places, near and far. In the three months we’ve been married, we’ve taken five mini vacations besides our honeymoon! My husband has a very awesome schedule where we have the luxury of taking a vacation every other weekend since he’s off Thursday at 2pm until Monday at 2pm and we have thoroughly taken advantage of that!


Our first mini vacation was to Palm Beach. We went on Memorial Day weekend and it has been one of my favorite trips to date! We drove up right after Mikey got off of work and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory right outside of Palm Beach at the City Place.  We had a lovely dinner out on the patio and then headed over to check in at The Chesterfield Hotel.  It was such a beautiful hotel!  Very old fashioned, with an actual gold key instead of a little plastic one and everything! chesterfieldkeybedroom2bedroom

The following morning we slept in and headed down for breakfast in their dining area.  We decided to eat on the patio to enjoy the lovely morning.  We had a nice breakfast of oatmeal and berries, hard boiled eggs, fruit, granola and smoothies.


After breakfast, we headed on out to walk down Worth Avenue.  We walked into some of the shops, but many were closed for the weekend.  Of course, we took
many pictures along the way!  We walked all the way down to the beach.  The day was gorgeous and the beach looked so inviting!  We didn’t plan to go to the beach though so we just continued on into the neighborhoods.  My goodness, those houses were so beautiful!  Every single one of them!  They even had a “front yard” crossing the street with a private beach area and a little hut there.  I would move into any of them in a heartbeat. ;)



We went back to our hotel and then took our car back over to the City Place.  We walked around there and looking for someplace to eat, ended up at Mellow Mushroom.  Mikey had been before, but it was my first time and I had been dying to try it for a while!  We ordered amazing garlic bread and then a hoagie for Mikey and a pizza for me.  Everything was so yummy but we definitely couldn’t finish it all!

mellowmushAfter that, we walked around the shops some more and looked for something to do.  We ended up at the theaters and watched Home.  We were definitely the oldest there, but we cracked up far more than the kids did! After that we walked around a bit more and were heading back to our hotel when we found a really nice spot to see the sunset and take some pictures.  We loved that little time!


We then got back to our hotel and ordered room service dessert.  We had an absolutely amazing, mouthwatering, like-never-before chocolate lava cake with ice cream and strawberries with cappuccinos.  Sadly, we were so quick to bite into it, I forgot to take a picture. :'(

The following morning after breakfast, we made our way to the Flagler Museum. What an outstanding place! We walked around the home (called Whitehall) and listened to the history of each room.  It was so fun to listen to the stories of everything that happened in each room and picture it all happening.  Part of me wishes I lived in that era and had a summer home like that! The home had beautiful views of the ocean and rooms larger than my home.  The bathrooms were the size of a master bathroom and the closets were rooms themselves.  It was truly a grandiose home and such a fun experience!


We left Palm Beach with a desire to go back; we can’t wait to return and see the place more!  It was such a fun little getaway and we really enjoyed our time exploring the area!

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