Parmesan Bacon Gnocchi



Pillows of soft gnocchi smoothly coated in a delicious white Parmesan sauce with bacon!

Parmesan Bacon Gnocchi.

Why did I take so long to make gnocchi for the first time?  Well, saying I “made” it is a stretch… I didn’t actually make the individual gnocchi.  I just bought a bag and boiled them for 3 minutes and they were done.  It was so easy!
I always confused gnocchi with pasta so naturally, I began to make a white sauce for it (white over red sauce any day!) and then read the packaging and realized these were actually little potato pillows.  I totally missed that. #fail.

Anyway, I decided to still go with the white sauce.  I was certain little heavenly pieces of fluffy potato would be just the thing my white sauce needed.  Oh and bacon.  Who can forget the bacon in white sauce?

When choosing the cheese for this recipe, I decided to go with Stella Parmesan.  I didn’t want to buy regular ol’ grated parmesan, but I didn’t want to sit here and grate a whole block of cheese either (laziness=pregnancy woes, ha!).  I decided to go with already grated parmesan by Stella. This one is awesome.  It is full of flavor and just how I like my grated cheese: thick! I don’t really like thin little pieces of cheese.  I like to see those big pieces melting away and Stella provided just that for me!

Pillows of soft gnocchi smoothly coated in a delicious white Parmesan sauce with bacon!

Making this sauce was so simple.  First up, bacon. Maple bacon to be exact.  Duh. Fry it to perfection then add garlic.  You can stop right here for a minute and just enjoy the aroma that this will give your whole house.  Yes really, stop.

Okay, moving on.

There’s going to be a milk, egg and cheese mixture stirred into this.  Then finished off with some other ingredients to make it even more flavorful.  Finally, add in the gnocchi and stir.  Let that lucious white sauce coat all of those little pillows.  Okay, you can take a bite now. But you might want to top it all off with even more cheese before you do that! Really, it makes it 100x better! Mmmm…

OH! Did I mention this is all done in under 15 minutes? YEPPPP! Can it get any better?!

We ate this as a side with burgers.  Weird, I know. But so, so good! Gotta make this again soon. I’m going to leave you a little video showing how I made it here.  Let me know if you have any questions on this recipe or any suggestions to make it even better!

Also, did you know Stella cheese is hosting a contest? All you have to do is share a family recipe for the chance to win $3,ooo.  That’s amazing! I’ve entered and I’d love to see you all do so as well.  Who knows? Maybe it’s one of us that wins! For more info, click here!

If you make this recipe, be sure to tag me on Instagram or hashtag #toeatdrinkandbemarried.  I want to see your creations!

Pillows of soft gnocchi smoothly coated in a delicious white Parmesan sauce with bacon!

13 thoughts on “Parmesan Bacon Gnocchi”

  1. Moving Through Momhood

    I️ always have to bring a side to thanksgiving dinner and i think I’m going to mix it up and bring this! It’s a really unique dish and who doesn’t like bacon?!

  2. I would have to use gluten-free gnocchi, which I am sure would be fine. I was sold on this recipe because it combines both bacon and parmesan cheese. That makes it a winner! I definitely need to try this! Thanks for sharing.

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