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Since getting married, Mikey consistently asks me to organize all of our memories such as pictures in the form of scrapbooks, journals, etc.  I truthfully do not find that all too exciting so I always put it off and have for a long time… However, I know that every time we go through our pictures and memories, it is so fun to look back and reminisce and remember things we probably even forgot!  It motivates me to keep organized and keep all our memories in one place.

Another motivation is that not long ago, my mom randomly sent me photos of her honeymoon.  They were all in an album with flight ticket stubs, chocolate wrappers, napkins from places they visited and other little knick knacks.  It was so fun seeing all of that and it encouraged me to really get serious about making my own albums.  My parents have been married for 25 years and seeing these albums must be some precious memories!

I can only imagine what it would be like for us in 25 years if I keep up with creating albums and keeping our photos in order.  It would be so exciting to look back on all of them! :)  That being said, I have found some effective, yet easy ways to organize them. I wanted to share with you the “lazy girl’s guide to memory keeping.” ;)

  1.  Yearly Shutterfly Album

So, last year I started a tradition I hope to continue for a long time. For Valentine’s Day I gave Mikey a Shutterfly album with all our top memories from the previous year.  He LOVED it!  And now, I love it too.  I’ve gone back through that album a few times and I love it every time!  This year, I’m a little late because the album is much bigger, but it’s in the works.  I think it’ll be so much fun to look back on these a few years down the road. :)

2. Monthly Groovebook

Groovebook has been one of the best investments I’ve made.  For $2.99/month I can upload 100 photos and get the prints sent in a bound book.  All the photos are perforated and have the date and location written above the perforated line so it’s AWESOME!  This has been such a simple way to keep all of our memories organized by month.  The photos are decent quality and I have used them to make some scrapbooks.  Definitely worth the price!  You can also get your first book for free with the code: MYFREEBOOK ;)

3. One Line a Day Journal

Lastly, is the One Line a Day Journal.  This was a gift from my sister for my 20th birthday.  This journal has been super quick, fun and easy to keep!  Each page has the date on the top so for example, April 30 (my birthday ;) ), but no year.  Then theres 5 different boxes where you can write in the year and have space to write 1-2 sentences about your day. The cool part about it is when you pass the one year mark and start writing in the second box.  It is so neat to look at what you did on that exact same date the previous year.  There are so many memories that would quickly be overlooked if it weren’t for this journal.  I’m approaching my 22nd birthday, so we’re almost starting the 3rd square.  I can’t wait to do that and start comparing the day with the two previous years. :)

So here are my tips and tricks to keeping your memories organized my year, month and even down to the day.  The journal and Groovebook are quick and easy to do.  The Shutterfly album takes a little longer, but considering I only have to do it once a year it’s totally worth it!

How do you organize your memories? Do you have any tips and tricks?  I’d love to find new ways to store mine. :)

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