30 Free Date Ideas


Mikey and I absolutely love going on dates.  If you’ve following along for a while, you might remember I shared about our Dates Inza Jar.  We have had so much fun going through those.  They’ve been adventurous, relaxing, fun and exciting.  And although they’ve all been awesome, let’s be honest: most dates require some money.  And although I know it’s so important to invest in our marriage, sometimes we need to cut back a bit for the sake of our budget.  When we do though, we try to find a cool alternative.

For example, we love the Melting Pot, but that’s easily a $70 date night for the both of us.  Although we still love to indulge on occasion, instead of making a reservation when we have a desire for fondue, we now usually make it at home.  It costs me about $20-$30 to buy everything I need for a cheese and chocolate fondue and we have so much more fun at home.  It’s even better because we get to create our own cheese combinations and decide what we want to dip in each one.  Like that, we have made other slight changes to our dates to make them cheaper/free. (our favorite cheese fondue recipe is coming soon!)

This week, I spent some time creating a list of some of our favorite free date nights (as well as some we haven’t tried, but would like to do!).  Check out the ideas below and maybe try some this summer (if you do and post it, hashtag #toeatdrinkandbemarried so I can see it on IG!):

  1. Have a picnic at a local park with leftovers from the week.
  2. Visit a local museum.
  3. Have an at-home movie theatre night.  Make popcorn and homemade treats like these.
  4. Play a board or card game (it’ll be more fun with another couple if you’re up to making this a double date!).
  5. Go to the beach and have sandcastle building contest.
  6. Go shelling at your local beach.
  7. Get dressed up and go visit expensive local homes in your area.
  8. Build a blanket fort.  (Think a broomstick in the middle and many blankets piled over couches to cover the top with lots of pillows inside.
  9. Have a fondue night at home with some chocolate, fruit, and other sweet treats.
  10. Learn to give great massages.
  11. Go to a local free pool for a nice afternoon swim.
  12. Have a library scavenger hunt.
  13. Host a yard sale (these can be so fun and not only is it free, but you’ll even make some money!).
  14. Have an eBay contest (list similar items and see who can get more money for them).
  15. Make a time capsule for your relationship.
  16. Try geocatching.
  17. Visit a local farmer’s market and try all the samples!
  18. Test drive your dream car.
  19. Take a free class at Home Depot, Lowe’s or Michael’s.
  20. Have a culinary competition and see who can make the best dish with whatever you have in the fridge.
  21. Take a laptop or iPad on date night #1 and have an outdoor movie screening thanks to Netflix.
  22. Learn new cooking skills through YouTube.
  23. Pack some sandwiches and snacks and go for a long drive.
  24. Create a new holiday and make your own rules, meals and traditions for it.  Celebrate it every year.
  25. Do a photo shoot of each other or together using a self timer.  Choose each other’s outfits.
  26. Play Monopoly- and actually finish the game.
  27. Have a TV marathon.
  28. Work-out together at a new location.
  29.   Be tourists in your own town.
  30. Learn a magic trick together.

Have you tried any of these dates?  Do you have any other ideas for a free date?  I’d love to know and add it to our to-do list! :)

For a creative way to store date ideas and always have them handy, CLICK HERE!

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