Being In the Moment at Your Wedding


For over 6 months (maybe more, maybe less), you have been pining away, planning this big day.  You have a venue all decorated, your catering is in order, the cake has arrived, your dress is on, your bouquet is in your hand, and you just touched up your makeup.  Now what?  YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!  Do you know what this means?  Everything you have planned and worked on is about to play out in one beautiful day.  Now think, what has taken months to plan is going to happen in a matter of hours.  Many girls get caught up in the ins and outs of the day and forget to live in the moment and truly enjoy themselves and their new husbands.  I am here to remind you that this day is for you and your spouse to enjoy, NOT to spend worrying or finishing any planning.  Everything that you’ve done is done.  If something is missing, it will fix itself or just leave it be.  Or maybe, call up a bridesmaid or a close family member to help you fix something urgent.  But don’t worry about the small things.  You will still get married and your day will still be wonderful, whether you were able to find those pretty stands for the table numbers or not.  Believe me, a year from now, you will be remembering the fun you two shared on your day, not the little details you were not able to get or finish.

Today I wanted to share a few tips with you about staying in the moment.  These should help you focus and remember that this is a day for you to remember.  It will already fly by and next thing you know, it’ll be over.  Don’t let that happen while you’re distracted.  Live in the moment and enjoy every minute!

  1. Take a Deep Breath

Take some time to breathe deep breaths.  If you feel yourself getting nervous or lightheaded before walking down the aisle or in a frenzy because something got misplaced at your reception, take a minute to breathe and realize that this is your day and you have everyone you love with you to enjoy it and spend time with you.

2. Be Mindful of your Guests

Don’t get so tangled up in details that you forget to spend time with your guests.  Many of them have traveled near and far to be with you.  When they ask you how you’re feeling, take that as a cue to reflect on what today is like and what you’re feeling at the moment.  You truly will never want to forget that feeling.

3. Touch everything around you

Touch the fabric of your dress, the loose curls in your hair, your new shiny ring and the flowers in your bouquet.  All of this will help you stay in the moment and physically take it all in.

4.  Sit down

Ask for a warm drink towards the end of your reception and take a seat and sip on it while looking all around you.  Engrave what you see in your memory.  Let it always be a reminder of how much love is surrounding you.  These are memories you will not want to forget!

5. Give Thanks

Maybe take a little piece of paper and jot down what you are feeling.  And then, give thanks for it.  In the form of a silent prayer, or maybe by walking up to those who have helped make this day possible.  But don’t let the day slip away without giving thanks.

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