Crispy Baked Ritz Chicken

Every year, Mikey makes me a delicious meal for Valentine’s Day.  This past year he made me risotto, but the year before he made me a Crispy Baked Ritz Chicken.  It was so unbelievably delicious, full of a creamy sauce that was so good.  We so enjoyed it, but just the other day we decided we wanted to try it again.  So I got the Ritz crackers, crushed them and began the process.  When all was said and done, we could not believe we had waited this long to make it again.  It was so so soooo good! So crispy and buttery from the crackers, with lots of fluffy rice and a delicious cream of chicken sauce.

After your mouth is fully watered from seeing these pictures, go ahead and buy the ingredients and get cooking! You’ll thank me later! :)


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