French Chouquettes

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Mikey and I absolutely LOVE French food so we go to a lot of French restaurants and specifically bakeries, a lot!  We went to both Rome and Paris for our honeymoon, but we loved Paris by far.  It was special, magical and so much fun.  We did so much in those days, but one of our favorite parts of that trip was the food.  We looked forward to every single meal and trying new things!

What we loved the most was going into little bakeries and picking up pastries, macarons, and yummy things… like chouquettes.  We would take a little box to go and then go enjoy it elsewhere, whether that was a park, on the go, or in our hotel room.  Everything was always spectacular! Since we got back, I have tried making so many different types of things.  One of my absolute favorite French treats are macarons.  I made those a couple of times and although they are A LOT of work, they are worth it.  I will share that recipe soon. :)

Another one of my favorite treats (and a lot easier than the macarons, haha!) are French Chouquettes! They are basically a little puff pastry (which if cooked properly basically are hollow in the middle) topped with pearl sugar.  Oh my goodness, these are delicious! I could not find the sugar for the top in my local grocery story, but I checked on Amazon and found the perfect kind there.  You can buy it yourself by clicking the Amazon link below.

Check these out! They are so simple and easy to make and will be ready in just about 30 minutes.  I have never seen or tried a French pastry made that quickly.  Oh, and you can totally make yourself an ice cream sandwich with these, too! Soooo delicious! :)  Without further ado, here is the recipe!

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