When To Buy Things Year Round


Since we have begun budgeting and been a little more conscious of where our money is going, I have tried to find the really good deals in different places where I can save money throughout the year.  A lot of times, that means stocking up on certain things at good prices to keep us from spending money whenever we are in a pinch.

What I have begun to do is look at the trends.  When is a good time to buy what.  When things go on sale.  When you can get things the absolute cheapest! I have found that there is a pattern and it is pretty neat.  I started jotting down when I saw cheap things and have noticed that there are trends and it works when you stock up during those times.  We have saved a lot by just following the trends.  It also works in supermarkets, too.  That post will be coming soon. ;)

So without further ado, here is the grand list to save you lots!



-stock up on past season holiday decor and wrapping paper.  Everything is at an all time low since Christmas is over so now is a good time to stock up.  I bought big rolls of wrapping paper this year for 50 cents each and boxes for under 10 cents each at CVS.
-Towards the end of the month, calendars go on major sale at Target and Walmart. Sure, you miss out on one month, but you still have 11 months to use it!
-Linens usually go on sale during this time at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and JC Penney.
-This is also a great time to buy snack foods.  With the Superbowl coming, stock up your freezer with your family favorites and your pantry with chips and salsa!
-Gym memberships for all those New Year resolutions (along with “diet” foods in supermarkets)



-Perfumes go on great sales due to Valentine’s coming up.  Don’t wait for it to be gifted to you, stock up for the year on your favorite! ;)
-As winter begins to disappear and spring arrives, winter clothes go on sale.  If you live in a cold weather environment, now is your chance to check out those clearance racks for coats, boots and thermals.
-Flowers are at a great price the day after Valentine’s.  Keep that in mind and flood your house with beautiful colors!
-Televisions go on sale during Superbowl sales and furniture during President’s Day sales



-Small electronics go on sale during this time
-Also on sale during this time are household items like cleaning supplies, paper towels and trash bags. Take advantage!
-Outdoor toys and camping gear also goes on sale to encourage people to get outdoors as the weather warms up.
-Digital cameras



-Home decor goes on sale like baskets, pretty dishes and tablecloths and cookware.  With Easter coming, everything is spring colored and beautiful.
-It’s a great time to buy cupcake toppings such as sprinkles, candy and yummy treats
-St. Patrick’s Day decorations are on sale
-Car care is discounted since it is National Car Care Month
-Baking supplies and ingredients



-Anything related to cookouts, BBQs and camping is on sale. Think bug spray, paper plates, plastic utensils and the food that goes with that.
-Easter decorations are on sale
-Spa packages are on sale for Mother’s Day, but you can buy it for anyone, for any occasion



-Guy gifts are on great sales during this time because of Father’s day.  That includes grilling items, golf and other sports equipment, and tool sets.
-Men’s clothing
-Greeting cards are on sale during this time since most big holidays have passed. Stock up for next year!
-Gym memberships are also on sale as summer is arriving and no one is beach body ready yet (hahaha)
-4th of July groceries (basically cookout food) is on sale towards the end of the month



-Summer clothes are on sale and most stores have a half yearly sale
-This is a time where just about everything goes on sale during 4th of July weekend.  Keep an eye on the sales online.
-Jeans are on sale (as American as they can get) and strangely, so are winter coats (not sure why)



-Outdoor gear is on sale.  Think patio furniture, pool toys, gardening supplies and tools.
-On the go snacks are on sale as many people are having grand summer adventures.
-Back to school sales are here! Stock up on paper, pencils, pens, tape, staples, paper clips, cartridge, and all your other basic office supplies (these sales are great even if you are not going back to school)
-College textbooks go on sale before classes begin to encourage you to beat the rush.  If you know what books you will need, order them now!



-School and office supplies are still on sale
-Lots of Labor Day sales, whether it be cars, patio furniture or other things
-Computers and laptops are on sale for those back to school sales
-Summer clothing is on sale again as the season begins to wrap up



-Home appliances are on sale
-Baking utensils and ingredients are on sale (we are approaching the holidays aka baking season so stock up!)
-Lawnmowers and patio furniture are usually on sale during this time



-Halloween costumes & decor! If you can figure out what you want to be next year, get that costume now!
-Groceries have big sales as the holidays are approaching
-Electronics are on sale during Black Friday & Cyber Monday
-Grills are on sale
-Baby products



-Grocery deals again before Christmas
-If you can get out on the 26th, you’ll find lots of Christmas deals for next year
-Restaurant gift cards are on sale during the holiday season


What do you think of this list? Have you noticed these trends or patterns? Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know below. :)

2 thoughts on “When To Buy Things Year Round”

  1. Great list! Thank you. I didn’t see anything related to when you should buy a car. Did you happen to find any trends in that regard?

    1. Hi Loree,
      I didn’t do much research on that, but I found some consistency. The number one time is Memorial Day sales (so throughout May usually is good!). If not then, I found the end of the year through January first. So like October through January work well for car sales. :)

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