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If there is one thing I get asked about at least once a week, it is what Journaling Bible I use.  It is now so popular to have one, and although I do not think I could ever replace my worn and torn little green Bible, I will admit it has been nice to have this clean slate with lots of space to write,  journal and draw.

I am not a master calligrapher or letterer.  I think you can tell by the photos. hahaha. But I still love to bring out all of my colored pencils and journal my favorite parts of Scripture.  Even if it is sloppy, the time spent poring over the Bible copying that verse helps me mediate on it and learn it a little more.   I have noticed the verses I journal on the side column in the morning stay stuck in my mind for a while throughout the day.  For that reason alone, I believe it is totally worth it (even if you stink at drawing!).

The Bible I use is an NKJV Journaling Bible by Thomas Nelson.  You can find it here!  At just about $22, this one is totally worth it! It is nothing fancy, just Scripture with lots of space around it (it is very lightly lined space).  The pages are not as thin as a normal Bible, so they will definitely not rip when you write on them. They also hold a fine point marker well without bleeding to the next page.  I cannot praise this version enough! I have had it for one year and absolutely love it!

One of my favorite supplies to go with my Journaling Bible is of course, a regular pack of pencil crayons.  As much as I love markers, I prefer writing in my Bible with the light touch of a pencil crayon.  THIS pack, with 64 different colors is my favorite.  I love how well these write.


Another favorite part of my journaling time is decorating with and writing over THIS gold collection of Washi Tape. So much fun, and adds so much variety, color, patters and texture to the pages.  Feel free to pick up Washi Tape in your favorite colors instead if you prefer that!

If you are afraid of your handwriting, you can start with THESE letter stamps..  They will allow you to start coloring and journaling your favorite verse without having to actually write the whole thing.  It also gives a really cool texture and playfulness.  Don’t forget to pick up some ink pads if you’re going to use these! One of the my favorite kinds is THIS pack with 20 fun and vibrant colors!

To add some extra fun and color with a little less work, use embellishment stickers. THESE are some of my favorites. They have such pretty colors, great words and lots of letters to work with.

Also, for bookmarks that never fall out of place, try THESE magnetic kind.  Ever since I discovered them, I have not gone back.  They clasp well and do not fall out and are not too big either.

Lastly, never forget to date your creation! You can go the traditional route of handwriting, or you can use a fun and playful date stamp like THIS one!

Remember, Bible journaling is not about perfection, but meditation on Scripture and fun! Enjoy the process! :)

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