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Instagram is changing it’s algorithm, but I want to ask you not to turn on your post notifications for my account.  I could not ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself (I detest notifications!).  Our lives are already interrupted enough and bombarded by so many notifications on our phones and I want to live a life that disconnects from that.  If you want to see more of my feed (and other’s as well!), remember that there is something you can do without turning your notifications on…and that is, ENGAGE.  Like photos and comment, even if they’re just emojis or “amen” or “me too.”  I love reading your encouraging comments.  I’m also trying to be more intentional in liking and commenting on your photos, too, friend.  I don’t want to miss everything God is doing in you and hopefully Instagram will get the hint and show me your posts. ;) (thanks, @christianwifelife for the inspiration and encouragement).


That being said, Instagram has been such a neat way to connect with like minded people around the world.  There are some people I have “met” that seem as if we were sisters or grew up together.  It is definitely so cool to see this happen.  I wish I could meet all of them in person and have a coffee date and chat about life and what God is doing in our hearts.  But for now, I will be content with online interaction (hopefully someday we can meet!).

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite accounts.  This list is very small (just six), but over time I will continue sharing some of my favorite accounts as that list always keeps growing.  These ladies are out ministering and encouraging other women sharing their God written stories and lives.  They are so authentic and real even online where people tend to show only the best of their lives.  I believe that is what encourages me the most about these ladies.  I know they have struggles just like you and I do, and that is so much more encouraging than seeing a perfect life in every little square box. So here’s my list of 6 people for today!

  1. Marriage365: here’s a husband and wife team who share daily encouragement and thoughts on marriage.  They also have some awesome webinars and a great blog you can read here.
  2. Beating50Percent: husband and wife Jeremy and Audrey Roloff run this amazing site where we learn that more than 50 percent of marriages end up in divorce.  They are here to beat that percentage and are encouraging couples to join them in #stayingido!
  3. ChristianWifeLife: Ashley is such an example to me!  She blogs here, and has this awesome little hand lettering shop (you can follow that account, too! @theletteredpine) and her relationship with her husband is one I strive to have with mine (she adores him so!).  She also has an adorable little boy and one on the way and she gives us a peek into her daily adventures in raising him through IG and Snapchat!  Her videos always bring a smile to my face. :)
  4. BraveIsShe:  Heather is a wife with her first babe on the way!  She’s due pretty soon, yet she is awesome because she’s still super active in posting and blogging. Her content is so great…one of my favorites is this loving your husband challenge.  And for all you mamas out there, she interviews new moms quite often in her Bump Diaries! (I’m not even a mama yet and I’m learning so much from this!)
  5. MandaSueee: This girl has started something awesome!  She writes hand written monthly letters of encouragement to many ladies in the states (maybe even around the world?).  That is such a tedious project but she does it so joyfully!  She also shares excerpts of her day to day life and you can’t get more real than her;  she shares the good, the bad and the ugly, but always with joy and an awesome little lesson to go along!
  6. Its_Positive:  Meredith is an inspirational lady who seeks Jesus wholeheartedly.  She is the sweetest girl and she shares lots of her daily life and blogs all about positivity and infertility intertwined.  Definitely an encouragement and a must follow even if you don’t struggle with infertility. Check out her blog here.

These are my top 6 follows for today.  I wasn’t asked to write this, they are truly some of my favorites and I don’t want you to miss out!  Remember to follow and engage in their posts so you continue to see their photos with the new Instagram change.  This change won’t be that bad…it’ll build more community!

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