When I Don’t Wear My Ring


My ring is so beautiful and it’s everything I ever wanted.  It’s the perfect size for my large hand (that’s a thing) and it shines stunningly and reminds me every day of our wedding (which was a year ago next month… :O).  I told Mikey exactly what I wanted in a ring and he got me just that, and I can sit and admire it forever.  All beauty aside though, I wear my ring for much more than just that…   I make it a point to wear my ring at all times for what it symbolizes.

There was that one time… I had to pick up a couple of things at Publix so I quickly got what I needed and when I got to the register, the cashier started asking me questions like what I was doing for Valentine’s day and if I was going out with anyone.  I told him I was married.  He laughed and asked me if I waited 5 minutes he’d be off of work and we can grab a burger next door (I was shocked at the boldness!).  I told him again, “I’m married…”  And he laughs and said, “that’s impossible, you are too young and girls your age don’t get married. And besides, you’re lying to me. You don’t even have a ring.”

Yikes.  I forgot my ring.  Who knew a quick Publix trip would lead to this?  I quickly paid and took my things and headed to the car and vowed never to forget that ring again.  That ring means more to me than just being able to use it to show people I’m married.  It means much, much more…And that little Publix trip without my rings reminded me once again why I wear them.

My wedding band reminds me of my commitment to Mikey. The reason we exchanged wedding bands and then wear them is to show everyone that we are committed to each other.  By wearing the band, I can see and be reminded of the commitment I made to my husband, and those around me can see that I am devoted to someone.  I wear my wedding rings so proudly, because I confidently display that the Lord has given me someone to be faithful to.

More than just a commitment, these wedding bands seal the promises we made at the altar.  When we vowed to be faithful, love each other, to be there for each other in the good at the bad, sickness and health, etc…we promised all of that and then placed a ring on each other’s fingers.  That ring symbolizes all of those promises.  It’s a reminder as we wear it to be faithful to one another.  It reminds me that I am his and he is mine.  It also is a constant reminder me to keep my promises.  If I am upset at him for one reason or another, looking at my ring often transports me back to my vows and the promises I made to him.  (Another awesome idea is to frame your vows…it’s a great visible reminder versus having them stuffed in an album or saved on your computer).

I wear my ring even when I’m alone.  It’s a tangible, physical reminder that everything I do in private affects not only me, but my husband.  It’s also a great way to be reminded of our connection even when we’re apart.  It reminds me of everything we’ve done, been through and what’s to come.  I love feeling my husband’s ring when we’re holding hands.  It makes me so glad and honored that he wears a ring to symbolize all the promises he made to me and that we’ll be together as long as God allows.

The best part is, for the most part, people respect a person with a ring.  One of the first things people notice about another is whether they are wearing a ring or not.  Whether it is because they have some sort of interest or are just plain curious, most people do take notice of this detail.  A more recent time I was at Publix (all my encounters happen here, haha!), I got to the register and a young guy was being very chit chatty with me.  As I pulled out my wallet to pay, he saw my ring and made a comment about it and suddenly stopped talking.  I’m in no way saying a married girl cannot talk to an unmarried guy, but I appreciate it when someone notices I’m married and respects that.

Rings are meant for much more than just to show you’re married or for fashion.  Your wedding rings symbolize your commitment, love and loyalty to one another.  Wear them proudly! :)

Have you ever forgotten your rings?  Did it feel strange?  Why do you wear your rings?

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