Who Is Invited To What?

Who’s Invited to which wedding events?

Who’s invited to what is always a difficult question to ask yourself.

Wedding planning can get busy and complicated, I know.  

It can get especially sticky when you have a lot of friends and need to have a small wedding (whether it be for budgeting reasons, or you just want it that way!).  

Whatever the case may be, guests lists are always complicated.  

Unless you just have a destination wedding and invite only your immediate family and bridal party.  

That solves everything. hahaha

But anyway, how do you tackle a guest list?

Well, first of all, keep in mind that everyone you invite to any event leading up to the wedding needs to receive an invite to the wedding.  

Do not ever invite someone to your bridal shower and then not to the wedding.  

That not only makes the guest feel like you only wanted their gift, but it is just plain rude.  

If the guest is invited to an engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, they should be at the wedding.

How to select which guests attend each event…

For the bridal shower:

-Bridal party
-All of immediate family as well as any extended family you’d like
-Your closest friends


Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties:

-Wedding party
-Immediate family like siblings who may not be part of the bridal party
-Any close friend’s if you’d like, but not necessary


Rehearsal Dinner:

-Wedding Party + their spouses/significant others
-Immediate Family
-Out of town guests


The Wedding:

-Others (because there will be others!)


Post-Wedding Brunch

-Wedding Party
-Immediate Family
-Close Friends

Something else to keep in mind:  If you are doing Save the Date’s, all those who receive one should receive an invitation to the wedding.  

Sometimes people get too excited with Save the Date’s and send them to everyone and then realize they cannot afford such a large wedding, or they need to cut 2 people for whatever reason and cannot do it because Save the Date’s were sent.  

If in doubt, don’t send them.  It is not necessary.  

You could just post a generic Facebook message announcing your date to everyone (that’s not necessarily an invitation to anyone) and tell your closest friends and family in person.

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