Save Over $1000 Between Now and Christmas

Since this year began, Mikey and I have been so much more mindful of saving money.  We have budgeted a lot more than we used to and are learning more about handling money.  One thing I began at the beginning of the year was saving $20 a week.  I bought a mason jar with a piggy bank lid and just dropped in $20 a week.  Sometimes I have even added a little more if we had some spare cash.  Right now, at the start of April, I already have over $350.

The reason I began doing this is to save for Christmas.  I love giving gifts to all of our friends and family, but I do not love how much money just disappears at Christmas time.  We never really budget for it and we are never aware of how much we spend.  So instead of just estimating an amount (and then usually going over), I decided to budget for Christmas of 2017.  Furthermore, I decided to save the money I am going to use throughout the year.  It is hard to just whip out $1000 during the holidays to cover costs of parties, food and gifts (let’s not forget Thanksgiving can get pricey too, if you are hosting!), but I realized if I planned ahead of time, I would not feel it during Christmastime.  Actually, I do not feel it week to week.

If we were not to save those $20, I know we would spend it on anything else.  It really is not hard to save that much.  Actually, since it has become so easy, I have even begun doing $30 a week lately.  It is not hard and I know will feel rewarding when Christmas comes and I have all this cash to spend instead of just swiping my card, never knowing exactly how much I have to spend.

It is a few months after I started already, but you too can have over $1000 saved by Christmas if you start soon.  Simply get yourself a jar, old canister or piggy bank and add $30 to it weekly.  Make sure you keep track of it, too to ensure you do not miss a week.  This is such a simple way to save up money for the holidays and you will be thankful you did this later when money stresses don’t affect your holidays!

To help you track your saving, I created this chart for you here!  It starts May 1st, so you still have a week to get your jar or piggy bank and withdraw those first $30.  In my room, this chart is taped right above the jar I save in and it has been amazing to watch it grow. Do what works for you, but don’t forget to print it out, share it on Facebook and Pin it to keep you accountable! :)

Let me know if you’ll be joining me in saving for Christmas! :)

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