A Heart of Gratitude: 30 Days of Thanks Challenge


Tomorrow is November 1st and I can hardly believe it.  The month of November is so much fun.  Fall is in full swing and people tend to get a bit cheerier and the mood at this time of year shifts slightly.  It is an exciting and joyous time with family and no matter how your life is going, there is something about the holiday spirit that can lift your mood.  The holidays can also be a sentimental time for many, as they remember time with family that is no longer around or are far away, or maybe reminiscing of holidays of old.  Either way, the holiday season is sentimental and special.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes the craziness of Christmas shopping, prepping for Thanksgiving and a lot of family time.  With all of that time spent on various (good) things and activities, we can tend to neglect our relationship with God just for a little.  It’s not usually a purposeful neglect, but it becomes easy to read the Bible later or even skip it altogether.  So that’s why I came up with this challenge. I’ve set up a chart with small passages (even just one verse!) per day so we can seek God early, even if  ever so quickly.  They all relate to gratitude and Thanksgiving which I think is a great way to prepare our hearts for the upcoming holidays.

Join me in posting your thoughts on the verses everyday in the month of November and hashtag #thanksfor30days so I can see your posts!  (It’s also a great way to share some Scripture with your IG and FB friends and help them prepare their hearts for the season as well.)
Here’s the downloadable image.  Follow along and let’s prep our hearts for this holiday season so we can enjoy it to the fullest. :)


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