Be All There

I cannot even count the amount of times people have told me something and I not “register” it in my mind… I do not know how many times I have been listening to a sermon or am at a prayer service or reading my Bible only to find that somewhere along the way, my mind drifted off… My mom has sent me to do something so many times and then when I get to the place she sent me, I forget what it was she asked me to do… So often during school I find myself thinking about church, a friend, or any little thing that comes to mind instead of on the subject at hand… My husband has asked me a question and I flat out ignore it because I am not paying attention… I often miss the opportunity to speak to people because I am simply on my phone…


I read this quote by Jim Elliot in the book written by his wife titled Shadow of the Almighty. When reading and pondering through this thought, I realized how often I really didn’t keep my focus on what I was doing. During that time, I began asking the Lord what I should do.  I felt the Lord leading me to pray before entering class or speaking to someone. I also realized I need to be asking the Lord to keep me attentive and focused throughout and not get distracted by anything else.

I needed that so I decided I would take up the habit. For quite some time now, I’ve learned to pray before doing anything. Asking for strength of quietness to listen to someone (Isaiah 30:15), a happy heart and cheerful attitude to befriend someone (Proverbs 15:13), or a quiet heart to seek God (Psalm 63:1). I want to make new friends and seek the Lord diligently. I want to thirst for Him like that Scripture says; however, it won’t happen if I let all kinds of distractions into my life. Praying and asking the Lord to help me focus on what’s truly important in any given aspect has actually helped me focus. I still catch myself every so often letting little things in that keep me distracted or taking my mind off of Christ. I still oftentimes forget to pray before doing something or speaking to someone, but I’m working on it. I know God is pleased when we give something our all, because that’s the way He is with us. God doesn’t give us His spare time or partial time as He multitasks. He gives us His undivided attention and I know I should be the same way. That alone motivates me. I want to be known as someone who can be trusted because I’m diligent and attentive.

Join me in giving others our all and prioritizing what we are doing! :)

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