David’s Birth Story

Get a cookie and cup of coffee, David’s birth story is a fun one!

If you haven’t read it yet, I shared Grace’s birth story almost 2 years ago. I thought her delivery was fast and crazy. Well, turns out, I can do crazier! haha

If you didn’t read the post above, Grace came so quickly, I didn’t have a chance to get an epidural. After being in labor for 7 hours or so, I dilated from a 0-10 in less than 30 minutes.

I really wanted that epidural, but I wasn’t able to have it. Thankfully, I only pushed through 3 contractions with her so it was not long at all. Painful, but not long. haha

In the weeks leading up to David’s birth, I kept debating whether or not I should get an epidural. I knew I COULD do it, since I already had in the past.

But did I want to? What if this labor wasn’t as fast? What if there were complications. What if I would regret not getting one? I was torn.

Ultimately I decided that I would very likely get one once the contractions became unbearable.

Alright, here goes…

My due date came and went and no signs of Dave. I was trying to walk as much as I could to get things moving but nothing seemed to be happening.

At 40+2 days, I had my first contraction on Sunday March 15th. It was 6pm and we were on our usual afternoon family walk. I didn’t mention anything to Mikey because I figured it might just be Braxton Hicks. It wasn’t very painful and they were very irregular.

At around 8pm, as we were getting Grace ready for bed, I told Mikey maybe we should call my parents to take Grace since the contractions were beginning to come closer together. They came over and hung out with us for a bit as we waited to see what would happen.

The contractions became regular at 10pm. I called my OB and he told me to go to the hospital to get checked. I arrived with contractions 4-5 min apart, but they checked me and I was at a 0, no effacement, nothing.

They said they’d monitor me. They hooked me up to a bunch of stuff and we saw contraction after contraction go by, getting more painful, but no progress in dilation. I was monitored until 3am when they decided to call my doctor to update him. He decided to send me home.

We were shocked because we knew I progress very quickly! We live 30 minutes from the hospital, and my parents live 5 minutes away. So at 3am, we decided to go to their house. I KNEW this baby was coming.

I continued to labor on their couch. Contractions were coming at 3-5 min apart consistently and the pain was getting worse.

At 6am, they became UNBEARABLE!

I was getting louder in my discomfort and Mikey didn’t want me to wait anymore. For whatever reason, I wanted to wait until 7 to call to call my doctor. I just couldn’t bear the thought of him telling me to go back, only to get sent back home. However, they were getting worse, longer and coming faster. Mikey decided to call at 6:30 and he sent me in.

Sadly, because of COVID, only one person was allowed to be in the delivery room with me. I had planned to have my mom and sisters there as well just like last time, but that didn’t happen. My mom drove with us there to be with us until the last minute, but she wasn’t allowed in. Mikey ran a couple of red lights on the way. Thank God.

We arrived at 7:10. My hospital stopped us to screen us for COVID while I was literally in tears saying PLEASE LET ME INNNN I HAVE TO PUSHHHH!

It was awful. They were taking their sweet time (which I know is so important, but the tears were rolling, I was standing through contractions feeling like I might pass out. They were SO SLOW asking me every single question. And then? They had to ask Mikey too.

Once we got through there, we thought we could head right up. Mikey still had his security sticker from earlier. NOPE. Had to make the line for security again.

Thankfully, a nurse saw me going through contractions and crying and told Mikey to skip the line. People were literally outraged that he skipped the line. They said they had been waiting. Which I understand, but OH MY GOSH, have some compassion! lol You’re not in pain, you’re relaxed and calm. I need to get upstairs asap!

They wheeled me up at that point and took me back to the same nurse who sent me home at 3am. She was so nice and shocked to see me back!

She was getting ready to hook me up to the monitors again when I told her to PLEASE check me. I told her I need to push but I want an epidural. She barely touched me and yelled at the doctor, “we need a delivery room!”

I kept asking “will I get an epidural?!” As she was wheeling me to the delivery room she kept saying “hmm, I’m not sure yet, honey.” I knew what that meant.

Basically, I was living Grace’s story all over again. As I was going through contractions, I was crying and saying “WHY AGAINNN?!” over and over. I really just wanted that epidural this time!

Next thing I know I’m surrounded by like 20 people poking me, starting IVs, asking me a million questions all while I’m going through contractions that are about 1.5-2 min apart.

I told them I need to push. They said not yet, my doctor hadn’t arrived (the on call doctor from the hospital was already there just in case).

I couldn’t help it. I pushed and my water broke. They were still scrambling to get everything ready when I pushed again and David was born! All in one push 😳 

It was an insane feeling! Apparently I dilated from a 0-10 on my parent’s couch and had I waited any longer, I would’ve had the baby there or in the car!

David Michael Inza was born at 7:34am weighing 8lb 4oz and 20 inches long. Less than 25 min after arriving at the hospital. Needless to say, my OB didn’t make it. No one was ready for how fast that happened.

I certainly wasn’t ready for an all natural delivery either! I would never plan or choose to have an all natural delivery, but apparently I have no choice in the matter. haha

After delivering David, I told Mikey that the next time I have a baby, I will insist on not being sent home. And if they do, I will go labor in the waiting room.

That was a crazy whirlwind of a night and although it did not go as planned, I cannot be any more grateful that we were both healthy through it all, and that it went smoothly and quickly.

Again, unfortunately due to the virus, we were unable to have any visitors. Grace didn’t meet her baby brother until we got home. Here are the pics of that day :)

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  1. I’ve always loved your pics of Grace.. and I can’t wait to see David n Grace !!! It will be fun❤️ Congrats to the fam for this amazing blessing. I have a Grace too, she’s 14 now! But such a great name for a gift I didn’t deserve. Your family is precious. Alina

  2. You are amazing Sophie!! Wow, love the Dave Birth story as much as Gracie’s. Thank you for making me a great aunt again. Hug and lots of kisses. Tia Ire

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