Easy 3 Step Homemade Onion Rings

Every time I buy a few packages of ground turkey, at least one of them always turns into a batch of burgers.  Mikey and I have become obsessed with turkey burger sliders on Hawaiian rolls.  They are just the perfect size, a little bit sweet and ohhhh soo gooddd! We always pair them with something, though.  You can’t just eat a burger on it’s own (although these are so good, you just might be able to!).


Mikey’s favorite is having burgers with tater tots.  I used to bake them to make them a little healthier, but there’s just nothing like a good ol’ fried side with your burger.  So we started frying them.  I never really made french fries or anything else, I would just fry frozen straight out of the bag.

Just the other day, I made burgers again, and when I opened the freezer to get the tater tots, I realized we were out.  I considered making some homemade, but the last time I did that, it took quite a while and I knew the burgers would be ready in about 15 minutes.  I scrambled to think of what we could make until it occurred to me, while slicing onions for the burgers, that I could make onion rings. Well, I had never made onion rings before, but I knew it had to be simple, straightforward and just use a basic batter to coat it.

So that’s what I did.  I mixed some flour with salt, pepper and paprika, coated each onion ring in it, and then added milk and an egg to the leftover flour mixture.  From there, I dipped each onion ring again in that milk mixture and then in a coating of breadcrumbs.  I deep fried them until golden and crispy and they were perfect! We served them with a little ketchup and mayo mixed together, but next time we’re going to have them with a side of my Copy Cat Chick-Fil-A sauce for dipping!

If you are looking for a deep fryer so as not to make a mess and use your stove top, consider these great deep fryers:

Mikey loved these so much I think we may be having them more often than just with burgers.  We may also never go back to frozen tater tots, I don’t know…  Whatever the case, these are our new favorites, cheap and easy and we can’t wait to make them again with something else.  Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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