How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card

Writing thank you notes is so important when receiving gifts.  Have you ever taken a gift to a bridal shower or wedding and not received a thank you card for over 6 months or even at all?  You probably had a few thoughts about that person’s lack of gratitude.  Well guess what?  It doesn’t matter how nice you are (or honestly, even if you thank them on the spot in person), people might think the same about you.  They want a thank you card.  Besides, you really should write one.  All the people who love you most have thrown you a party and given you so many things for your new home.  Your gratitude should be expressed through a little handwritten note. The handwritten part adds a little extra charm. ;)

When writing the perfect thank you note, follow these guidelines:

  1. Start with a list

Make sure to take a notepad or paper to the bridal shower where one of your bridesmaids can jot down the gift next to the gift giver (or if you are opening wedding gifts at home, be sure one of you is jotting down the gift giver with what they gave you).  That way, it will make it far easier to write those notes later.

2. Be Timely in Sending Them

For a bridal shower, you should have them in the mail in 2-3 weeks. Give yourself 4-6 for your wedding as you will have spent some time on your honeymoon and I don’t recommend packing those for the trip. ;)  Enjoy that honeymoon without any worries, and then get back ready to tackle those thank you cards first thing! Don’t worry about perfect, just get them done.  A note from the heart shows.

3. Don’t mention monetary gifts

If someone gifts you money, do not mention that, or the exact amount on the card.  Instead, thank them for their kindness and generosity and maybe give them an example of what their generous gift will go towards (maybe dream honeymoon, or new bed).

4. Remember your Bridesmaids and/or party planner

Send a little note to those who have planned events for you along the way, as well as your bridesmaids.  They have played a huge role in making sure you receive these gifts and have a wonderful time.  Let them know you are grateful.


Here are a few more specifics on the actual writing of the card:

  1. Opener

Think, “Dear Aunt Sally,” Or something of the like…

2. Gratitude

Express your gratitude right from the start.  Be sure to mention the actual gift they gave you and how much you look forward to using it or seeing it every day (do not mention money, though.  See point 3 above about that).

3. Make it Personal

Add an anecdote about how much you enjoyed seeing them or something you both discussed.

4. Say Goodbye

Consider, “with love” or “with gratitude” or “warm wishes” or anything else that suits your fancy.


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