Robin Eggs Garden Carrot Cupcakes

I absolutely love carrot cake.  Although I think it is typically a “fall” dessert, it always makes an appearance around here in the springtime for Easter.  Last year I made a three layer carrot cake and although it was delicious and really pretty, it took A LOT of work! I am glad I made it because it was the centerpiece of my Easter brunch, but this year, I wanted to enjoy my carrot cake with little hassle… enter cupcakes!

So, I took my basic carrot cake recipe and made it into cupcakes.  Then, I frosted it with cream cheese frosting (the best, am I right?!).  I dyed the cream cheese frosting a very light, pastel green and used a very fine tip with a piping bag to make it look like messy grass.  Then, I placed three different color Robin Eggs over the top.  They looked so cute and I will tell you, they tasted even better!

It was a hassle free dessert that tasted amazing and I am glad I went that route instead of the three layer cake this year.  This is a great recipe to serve at your Easter brunch, or to take to your kid’s school.  Everyone will think they are adorable and you will love how easy they were to make! Enjoy! :)

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