How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card

Writing thank you notes is so important when receiving gifts.  Have you ever taken a gift to a bridal shower or wedding and not received a thank you card for over 6 months or even at all?  You probably had a few thoughts about that person’s lack of gratitude.  Well guess what?  It doesn’t matter… Read More How to Write the Perfect Thank You Card

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Wedding and Event Planning

You have spent so much time on all your ideas and visions for your wedding day (or event) and bringing them to life.  But now, it is time to enjoy that day, not spend it stressed and worrying about the details.  Let us help you with that.  Maybe you have already planned your full wedding,… Read More Wedding and Event Planning

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Our Wedding Day

This past month I’ve been writing about all the big events in our life, such as when we met and when we got engaged.  And now, I’m writing about our wedding day!  The day was by far the best of my life and nothing can ever top that!  In case you are interested, HERE are the posts… Read More Our Wedding Day