Mexican Street Corn Fritters

Mexican Street Corn Fritters. Yessssss…

Mexican street corn in fritter form is the very best appetizer for Taco Tuesday or any other night of the week!

This past spring, Mikey and I went on our first cruise together! My grandma turned 80 this year, so for her birthday, both of her kids, their spouses and all grandchildren went on a cruise to celebrate! I had been on cruises before, but I think the last time was when I was 13.  This was definitely a different experience (and so much more fun!). Our ship went to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico.  I had never been to any of those, so it was a pretty neat adventure.

Mexico was our last stop, and probably my favorite.  It was also the one I was looking forward to the most.  Can you guess why? Yeah, the food. Mexican food is my faaaav and I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist some good ol’ Mexican tacos or chips and salsa.  Want to know what’s really cool? I ate a tortilla that I saw a Mexican woman make before my very eyes.  It was warm and soft and so delicious (and now I wanna make my own)!

I can’t share about our day in Mexico without sharing our hilarious experience there… We booked what we believed to be a tour of a chocolate factory.  The online guide promised us a few hours of fun exploring different chocolate factories and trying samples of different Mexican Cacao.  On the morning of the tour, we get on the bus that is going to take us into the city and sure enough, first stop, a chocolate factory.  There we listened to a little message on how they made chocolate and they gave us an eenie beenie spoon of super bitter dark chocolate to try.  Like, I’m not kidding when I’m saying it was smaller than my pinky’s fingernail.

We figured our next stop would be the chocolate factory we were waiting for… howeverrrrr….

Mexican street corn in fritter form is the very best appetizer for Taco Tuesday or any other night of the week!

We got back on the bus and heard the guy say, “and now, on to the tequila factory!” I laughed, totally thinking it was a joke.  It wasn’t guys.  It wasn’t a joke.  We really went to a tequila factory where people sampled up to 8 different shots of tequila.  Back to back.  Insanity.  I tried a teeny sip of one and it burned so much I threw it out.  Not my thing. At alllllll. By the way, I don’t have a problem with the tour.  There were pretty cool kinds of tequila (like piña colada), if that’s your thing.  I was just disapointed because I prepared myself for chocolateeee. Wah :(

Needless to say, we didn’t get to eat much Mexican food.  We spent our day hungry on the chocolate-less tour.  It was pretty sad.  Everywhere we would go to try to get a snack was cash only and we didn’t have any Mexican currency.  They wouldn’t accept credit cards! The most we had was a couple of US dollars which only one place accepted and gave us two tiny miserable tacos for.  SO disappointing.

I remember seeing Mexican street corn and really wanting some.  Too bad I couldn’t get it.  That’s where I got the idea for this recipe.  Instead of actually eating the corn off the cob, I made a little mixture of corn, egg, green pepper and a few other things and fried them in little patties.  I topped them with a dollop of sour cream (although green sauce would be great with this!) and topped it with some cotija cheese (for whatever reason, the cheese is not pictured.  Oh well…).

Mexican street corn in fritter form is the very best appetizer for Taco Tuesday or any other night of the week!

If you make this recipe, tag me on Instagram or hashtag #toeatdrinkandbemarried so I can see it!


Mexican street corn in fritter form is the very best appetizer for Taco Tuesday or any other night of the week!

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24 thoughts on “Mexican Street Corn Fritters”

  1. I wouldn’t mind having those fritters and some tequila. Sounds like a really good mix if you ask me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. itll go so good with a side of rice or some sort of pretein but im thinking it will go good with some beef tips and rice ummmm!!! sounds good if u ask me.

  2. What a hilarious tour you had! A titbit of bitter chocolate and getting loaded with tequila. It is extremely annoying when all they accept is local cash and there is no cash point. I pinned your fritters and will have a go at it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jim!

      Yes, frozen corn works! Just let it thaw and drain any liquids.

      The canned corn should be drained, yes. Sorry I should’ve specified. Will add that to the post!

      Hope you enjoy these!

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