Homemade 30 Minute Pizza Dough

Homemade pizza from start to finish in under 30 minutes IS possible! Find out how and make this a new weekly family tradition!… Read More Homemade 30 Minute Pizza Dough


Pepperoni Pizza Dip

If you love this recipe, hover over the picture and PIN IT! Growing up, we had pizza at least once a week.  It was a favorite meal and I know it was an easy dinner when we had activities in the evening such as school or band practice.  I can’t even begin to count the… Read More Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Baking, Breakfast

Breakfast Pizza

This morning, two of my friends and I got together for breakfast.  We all went to music school together and don’t see each other often so every now and then we make it a point to get together.  It’s usually always at a restaurant or something like that, but this time, we decided to make… Read More Breakfast Pizza