The Best 7 Layer Dip

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salsa, 7 layer dip and chips

The Best 7 Layer Dip… by far!

And let me tell you another secret, it’s a new and easy 7 layer dip too!

This one is so incredibly simple and so delicious, it’ll have you coming back for seconds…and thirds!

At least that’s what happened in my family ;)

One thing I absolutely love about Green Mountain Gringo® is how EASY it is to make delicious, satisfying recipes with their products.

I’ve collaborated with them in the past to make Weeknight Mexican Rice Bowls (a weekly staple here!) and Easy Chicken Taquitos (a fun appetizer for football season!).

Every time I have worked with them, I am reminded why I love this brand so much.

Green Mountain Gringo® makes all of their products with high quality ingredients and healthy and you can definitely taste that!

For years, shoppers have been asking companies to be straightforward with their ingredient list. Green Mountain Gringo® has always been straightforward with their ingredient list.

They even coined the clever phrase “Check Out Our Backside” to encourage folks to check out the label.

They have always been my go-to salsa company, but then they became my go-to hot sauce place.

And now, I have finally tracked down their elusive tortilla chip and they are by far my FAVORITE!

Green Mountain Gringo® Original Tortilla Strips are a white corn, lightly salted chip that is in a strip form. It’s perfectly crunchy, and the ideal rectangle shape that makes it the best dipping chip!

Their chips go so wonderfully with this dip. You can really reach all the way down to the bottom of the dish and scoop out every single layer.


Bottle of salsa

Let’s dive right into this lifechanging delicious dip!

Okay so how to make it is incredibly simple. First let me tell you what supplies you’ll need.


  • 13×9 Pyrex dish (or aluminum pan if you don’t want to do dishes!)
  • Spatula
  • Can opener (if the cans you’re using need one. Mine didn’t.)

That’s it! When I’m telling you this one is easy, I’m not lying. You don’t need a mixing bowl or any other utensil.


Those are your seven layers! They’re easy ingredients to find- nothing complicated!

Now the process is simple, layer it up! I like to layer in a specific order so you get pretty colors one on top of the other.

And also, when you layer strategically, you don’t have salsa getting lost in guacamole. The layers stay perfect until you’re ready to enjoy!

Be sure to snag a bag either at your local grocery store or by shopping online.

salsa and chips

This Vegetarian or Vegan Dip is unbelievable!

I like to keep my recipes as simple as I can so you guys can enjoy great food without much prep work.

In case you haven’t noticed, this recipe is *vegetarian* :)

And it can easily be turned into vegan too if you’d like. What’s fun about this one is that you can swap out the layers with anything you’d like!

If you wanted to make it vegan, all you would need to do is swap out the Sour Cream and Shredded Cheese for something else.

You could easily use vegan sour cream and shredded cheese. Or you could add more veggies instead. One layer could be lettuce and the other corn.

These are delicious, flavorful substitutions.

If you wanted to bulk this up with some meat, you can make some Mexican chicken or ground beef and use that as a layer.

It is truly delish that way as well!

The options here are endless and you can make this however your family likes!

salsa, 7 layer dip and chips

Want to make this dip more “homemade”?

Make your own guac!

Guacamole is super simple to make and will taste so fresh and delicious.

All you need is a few hass avocados and some seasoning.

I like to mash a few ripe avocados, add salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste.

For some extra flavor, I chop up a small tomato and mix it in there too.


You can also use homemade black beans instead of the refried beans.

It’s a fun flavor swap and so delicious.

I make homemade black beans often and freeze what we don’t eat. I have used up a frozen container to make this dip and it’s so perfect!

Just thaw overnight and layer up as usual! If you want the refried beans texture with the black beans, just blend them up.

Any way you make this- you can’t go wrong!

I think my favorite part is that it simply comes together with 7 ingredients in 10 minutes. No cooking, stirring, or baking necessary.

I like to keep all of the ingredients for this on hand because it’s so great for when my family visits.

Layer up- and eat up! Enjoy!

salsa, 7 layer dip and chips

Serve this dip alongside these fun Green Mountain Gringo® Fiesta dishes!

Mexican Rice Bowls

Easy Taquitos

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