White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb

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two white hot chocolate bombs

Let’s ring in the Christmas season with a White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb!

Is there truly anything more magical than sitting in your family room, watching a holiday movie with a hot cup of cocoa in your hand?

I think not!

I truly look forward to this time every single year. There is nothing more cozy or homey to me than seeing everyone I love sitting together enjoying a treat and each other’s company.

Now, what makes hot chocolate even more fun?

A hot cocoa bomb!

Seriously, if you’ve never had one, they’re so much fun!

It’s almost relaxing just watching the hot cocoa bomb explode in your milk and seeing all the fun stuff inside!

And kids especially love these treats.

little girl smiling white holding hot chocolate mug

What makes a white chocolate hot cocoa bomb fun?

You can theme this however you’d like!

Although any hot cocoa bomb is fun, a white chocolate one is the best for a theme or adding color.

One of my favorite things to do is add edible glitter inside so your hot chocolate is nice and sparkly when it’s done.

My kids absolutely LOVE it.

Here are a few simple ideas you could do:

  • Frozen Themed: Add a teal edible glitter to the hot cocoa mix inside the bomb. Sprinkle some on top too!
  • Christmas Themed: Add fun red and green sprinkles inside!
  • Chocolate Surprise: Add mini M&M’s to make the milk rainbow and fun!
  • Any sports theme: Dye the white chocolate to match the sports teams colors. You could do one color for the bomb’s shell and the other color as a drizzle on top.
  • Mickey themed: Make a hot cocoa bomb and then attach circle chocolate pieces as ears!

Seriously, these are all really easy to do with just a little practice.

I assure you, you might fail the first or second bomb but after that, you’ll get the hand of it really quickly.

These look a lot more complicated than they are!

So how can I make a White Hot Chocolate Bomb, you ask?

Let me hold your hand and walk you through the steps. It really is not hard. You just need some time and patience. :)

First things first, let’s gather what you’ll need.


  • Hot Chocolate Bomb Mold– this one is under $10, comes in a 3 pack and I absolutely love it!
  • Glass Bowl
  • Spoon/Spatula


  • White Chocolate
  • Hot Chocolate powder
  • Glitter / Sprinkles / Marshmallows

It’s a simple list to get started, so now let’s get to making them!

inside of white hot cocoa bomb with hot chocolate powder, sprinkles and marshmallows

What goes inside a hot chocolate bomb?

So for one serving, you’re going to do 2 tbsp of hot chocolate powder mixed with whatever other fun things you’d like.

I’d add a sprinkle of edible glitter, a tbsp of mini marshmallows and maybe some sprinkles as well.

Mix that together in a small bowl and set aside.

Let’s make the hot cocoa bomb shell!

So you’re going to use a bar of chocolate for this. It tends to melt nicer than chocolate chips.

Melt your chocolate bar as directed on the package.

Make sure you have your bomb molds handy because once the chocolate is melted, it sets quickly.

Now go ahead and add about 2 tbsp of melted chocolate into the well.

Use your spoon to spread it around in there. You want it to fully coat and not be thin enough where you can see the mold.

Also, don’t make the chocolate too thick or else it won’t melt in the hot milk!

This is where practice makes perfect comes in to play.

It isn’t hard, you just need to find the sweet spot and once you do, you’ll make one after the other without any problems.

Once you’ve lined the mold with chocolate, pop it in the freezer to set.

white hot cocoa bomb on plate

How to Assemble a hot cocoa bomb:

Now get ready to assemble. This part moves quickly as well so be ready!

If you’re too slow, the chocolate shell will melt away.

The idea is to heat the edge of the the top half of the hot cocoa bomb and then seal them together.

There are two ways to heat the edges of your bomb.

You could take a glass plate and microwave it for a minute or two until it’s really hot.

The other option is to heat up a skillet on the stove and use that.

To assemble, remove your shells from the freezer.

Place on on a dish and fill with hot chocolate filling, marshmallows, sprinkles and anything else you’d like.

Now take a second shell and place edge side down on the hot skillet or plate. Let the edges melt a bit and then quickly place directly on the other shell that is holding the hot cocoa filling.

Hold together for a few seconds so it seals. Swipe your finger across any melted chocolate that spilled out to smooth it out.

Quickly pop it back into the fridge and continue to assemble.

How to decorate a hot cocoa bomb:

Decorating is up to you and anything you’d like it to be.

You could melt some chocolate, place in a zip top bag and then cut the tip off to drizzle some all over the assembled cocoa bombs.

While that chocolate drizzle is still wet, you can top with sprinkles or anything else you want to decorate with.

Another option is to simply dust with edible glitter.

Or just leave it plain and enjoy!

How to enjoy a White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bomb

The enjoying is simple!

Simply place a bomb at the bottom of a mug (a clear mug is most fun because you get to see all the action!).

In a separate cup, heat up 8-10oz of milk. Make sure it’s really hot and then pour over the bomb slowly.

Now watch the magic happen! The shell will start to melt and the toppings float to the top!

Stir well until all the hot cocoa and the shell are melted and combined and enjoy!

little girl drinking white hot chocolate bombs

All your White Hot Cocoa Bomb questions answered:

How should I store these?

Once they are assembled and set, they can stay out at room temperature or in a dark pantry for up to two weeks.

I guarantee they won’t last that long though. ;)

Who can I give these to?

Anyone would love these! Seriously, anyone.

A simple hot cocoa bomb in a tiny little box can brighten anybody’s day.

Maybe at Christmastime you can spread these around to your banker, grocery bag boy, hairstylist, dog groomer, doctor…. who else would love these?

How can I gift these to someone?

I’m so excited you want to use these as a gift!

You can give them in a small box and place each bomb in a cupcake liner to hold it in place and keep it from rolling around.

I like to buy these boxes of four.

If you just want to give one away I place them in a cupcake liner and then pop that into a plastic punch cup like this one.

Top with foil, saran wrap, or any other covering you’d like and add a cute bow or ribbon and you’ve got a perfect single serving treat to gift!

two white hot chocolate bombs

White Chocolate Hot Cocoa Bombs

Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 2


  • 4 oz white chocolate bar
  • 4 tbsp hot cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp mini marshmallows
  • 2 tsp sprinkles


  • Using a double boiler, melt your white chocolate until smooth.
  • When ready, line your hot chocolate bomb mold by dividing the chocolate into 4 shells. Spread around using the back of a spoon until smooth and fully covered.
  • Pop these in the freezer for 5-10 minutes until set.
  • Remove from freezer. Take one shell out of the mold and fill with 2 tbsp hot chocolate powder, 1 tbsp mini marshmallows and sprinkles. Repeat with remaining ingredients in another half shell.
  • Heat a small pan over the stove and when it is warm, place an empty shell on it to melt the edges a bit. Quickly place right on top of one of the filled shells and gently press to seal. You can smooth the edges with your fingers.
  • Pop in the freezer again until set.
  • Drizzle with a little extra chocolate and top with sprinkles if you'd like. And then, enjoy!

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