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Apple Topped Pancakes

Brunch your way right into Fall!… Read More Apple Topped Pancakes

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Triple Berry Summer Smoothie

Let this smoothie jump start your day! Perfect as a refreshing treat or dessert as well!… Read More Triple Berry Summer Smoothie


Perfect Strawberry Banana Nutella Waffles

A classic vanilla waffle recipe turned into something spectacular. You are going to want to keep this recipe for years to come!… Read More Perfect Strawberry Banana Nutella Waffles


Chicken Pancake Tacos

So last month, Mikey and I had a random week off, so we decided to hit the road.  We left Miami early one morning and went straight to St. Augustine.  We explored the area there and absolutely loved it! From there, we went to Savannah, GA.  We walked the historic riverfront as well as all… Read More Chicken Pancake Tacos

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Orlando Restaurant Recommendation: Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

Every time Mikey and I go out of town, we spend (a lot) of time on Yelp before we head out looking for great restaurants in our area.  We both love food, so we get so excited finding places we’ve never been to, or meals we’ve never heard of, or even restaurants that serve a… Read More Orlando Restaurant Recommendation: Keke’s Breakfast Cafe

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Espresso Iced Cinnamon Rolls

In my post a couple of days ago, I shared about going over a friend’s house to make brunch together.  We made breakfast pizza which was soooo delicious.  My friend also made espresso iced cinnamon rolls.  I posted those on Snapchat and so many of you asked for the recipe.   I asked my friend for the… Read More Espresso Iced Cinnamon Rolls

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Breakfast Pizza

This morning, two of my friends and I got together for breakfast.  We all went to music school together and don’t see each other often so every now and then we make it a point to get together.  It’s usually always at a restaurant or something like that, but this time, we decided to make… Read More Breakfast Pizza

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Favorite Miami Brunch Spots

Mikey and I love going on dates…especially those that involve exploring new places to eat!  I’m a breakfast person, but Mikey is most definitely not.  He prefers lunch or dinner so our compromise is to have a brunch.  I can get my breakfast food and he can get lunch.  We’ve explored many of the restaurants… Read More Favorite Miami Brunch Spots


The Fluffiest Pancakes for 2

The best pancakes for two recipe (or single serving pancake recipe if you love these as much as I do!). These are fluffy, thick, slightly sweet, quick and easy in under 10 minutes. The perfect thing to wake up to on a Saturday morning! … Read More The Fluffiest Pancakes for 2


The Secret to Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Today I’m sharing my secret ingredient for perfectly fluffy and light scrambled eggs!  This is my new favorite way to make them and I’ll never go back to regular old scrambled eggs!  This secret ingredient is so unexpected, so it was a pleasant surprise when I tried it out and it worked amazingly.  The secret… Read More The Secret to Fluffy Scrambled Eggs