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Mikey and I love going on dates…especially those that involve exploring new places to eat!  I’m a breakfast person, but Mikey is most definitely not.  He prefers lunch or dinner so our compromise is to have a brunch.  I can get my breakfast food and he can get lunch.  We’ve explored many of the restaurants in our area, both big chains and hole in the wall type places.  We’ve gotta say our favorites are the smaller, original places, but we have found some of our favorite breakfast selections in all types of places.  Here is a list of where we have found our favorite version of brunch items in Miami.  I have pictures for most of these, but not all.  I’ll add those as we repeat these places!  I plan to update this list regularly as we continue to explore new places so be sure to check back for more places. :)


Waffles: Threefold Cafe (click here for the menu


Waffles are definitely on my list of favorite breakfasts!  The Threefold Cafe has some very strong tasting of vanilla waffles that are the lightest and airiest I’ve tried.  So delicious along with their berry compote and syrup with house made cream.

Cappuccino: La Crepe Bistro (click here for full menu)


Mikey is the coffee lover around here and this has been his favorite coffee spot so far.  It is a French Bistro near Sunset place and they have the best cappuccino we have tried.  We may have ordered more than one for each of us. ;)

American coffee: Panera

We’re not huge fans of typical American coffee, but Panera’s hazelnut roast with a bit of half and half and sugar is one of our favorites!  We have stopped by Panera many times before church, road trips or even on our way home to pick up one of these.  Best part is that it’s refillable, too!

Pancakes: Chuck Wagon (click here for full menu)

Chuck Wagon is an old style restaurant with the most delicious pancakes I have tried anywhere!  Oh these are my absolute favorite. They’re large, thick buttermilk pancakes.  They also have lots of toppings, but I prefer them plain with some butter and syrup!  If you’re in the mood for the same style of pancakes, at home, try my recipe here.

Crab Cake Benedict: Wagon’s West (click here for full menu)


Mikey LOVES eggs benedict.  I always switch up my order at different places, but Mikey seems to be determined to find the best eggs benedict out there, because he always orders the same thing.  However, here at Wagon’s West, Mikey has found his favorite.  Instead of an english muffin at the bottom, it’s a crab cake.  He absolutely loves this meal and going there!  Just a tip though, if you’re going on a Saturday, be prepared to wait a bit for a seat.  It’s a small place that fills up pretty quickly.

Hot chocolate: Wagon’s West (click here for full menu)

Again, for Wagon’s West, their hot chocolate is so absolutely delicious.  It doesn’t taste like syrup or powder and is covered in cool whip instead of whipped cream.  It does make a difference, folks.  You’ll see once you try it. ;)

French Toast: La Crepe Bistro (click here for full menu)


If you’re looking for French Toast made with French bread, you’ve come to the right place.  I had never tried French toast made like this, but it has been my favorite version of it so far!  Soooo yummy.  And the addition of the side of fruit is so refreshing.  Make sure you get an outdoor table when you come here, it makes the experience so much more fun. :)

Nutella French Toast: Greenstreet Cafe (click here for full menu)


Lastly, I couldn’t leave out my favorite Nutella Stuffed French Toast. On this plate is a big, extra thick piece of Challah French Toast.  They then infuse it with warm Nutella.  It’s just gushing out with every cut you make into it and it’s oh so delicious.  You’ve gotta go try this!

What are your favorite brunch spots in Miami?  Or if you’re out of Miami, do you know of a chain spot with great breakfast? :)

For a great brunch recipe to make at home, CLICK HERE!

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