Orlando Restaurant Recommendation: Keke’s Breakfast Cafe


Every time Mikey and I go out of town, we spend (a lot) of time on Yelp before we head out looking for great restaurants in our area.  We both love food, so we get so excited finding places we’ve never been to, or meals we’ve never heard of, or even restaurants that serve a classic dish with a twist (we recently discovered a restaurant that serves Eggs Benedict on Belgian waffles…yum!  Location details soon to come!)  Anyway, one place we never look up is Orlando because we always pick up some cereal and milk before getting to our hotel to enjoy while we’re there.  Or we plan to eat at the parks or whatever we’re doing.  But this past trip, I had come down with a cold and we decided to forgo our park plans and wanted a yummy breakfast.  We got on Yelp and found Keke’s Breakfast Cafe and BOY was it delicious!!!



We arrived at the restaurant around noon and although busy, we didn’t wait more than 5 minutes for a booth.  The restaurant was impeccably clean and well-lit.  That’s always a plus for me.  Our server was named Carmen and she was the sweetest lady who made great recommendations and made us laugh.  It was definitely a wonderful first impression!

To start off, Mikey ordered a coffee and I ordered a hot chocolate.  Mikey’s coffee was refillable as often as he’d like, and my hot chocolate even had one refill.  I’ve never been to a place where they refill any drink other than coffee and soda.  Apparently all their drinks have refills!  On another note, the hot chocolate was delicious!! Definitely not Swiss Miss. ;)  And it had loads and loads of whipped cream which made it extraaaa creamy!  Yum, y um. :)


After that, Mikey ordered an omelet with house potatoes and toast and I ordered the Florida Waffle. Basically, the Florida waffle is a Belgian waffle topped with lots of fruit and whipped cream.  The presentation was gorgeous.  I have truly never seen a waffle presented nicer than that (at least to me! haha).  And the taste?! Oh my, it was the best waffle I’ve ever had (I’m not even exaggerating).  I was worried the fruit juices would make the waffle soggy, but not at all.  The outside remained crispy and the inside light and fluffy.  I didn’t even use maple syrup with it.  The sweetness from the fruit was enough to make it perfect.


Next time you’re in Orlando, you have got to try this restaurant!  It is open for breakfast and lunch everyday.  There are a couple locations in Orlando so check out which is nearest to you and make it a point to give it a chance.  You will not be dissapointed!  I know we will definitely be back. :)

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