2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce

2 ingredient pizza sauce

2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce… say what!!!

Yep, you heard it right, this is a simple and the easiest 2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce! It’s so simple, your toddler can put this together for you… although I wouldn’t recommend that unless you want to pick up a big mess. hahaha

I used to buy jars of pizza sauce, but more often than not, I’d use half one day and the other half would end up in the fridge for a couple of months til it got crusty and gross and then I’d just dump it. It was a waste! The jars of pizza sauce around here are way too big for one pizza!

That’s when I got to thinking, how can I recreate this… So I read the label on the pizza sauce I typically purchase and realized something…

This is basically a 2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce!

2 ingredient pizza sauce

Just kidding, it actually has a bunch of spices and herbs in it, but I knew how we could do it with 2 ingredients: Italian Seasoning! Yep, all I did for this delish pizza sauce was combine a small can of tomato sauce with some Italian seasoning straight from the bottle.

Guys this is amazing. It’s easy to make, you can make just what you need, or a little more if you need some for the next night. And not only is it delicious, but it just has two simple ingredients… ingredients I’d dare say most of us have on hand usually anyway!

Now, for a little secret… can I give you a tip that kicks this up a notch? Add a teaspoon of sugar. Yep, you read that right. Some of my favorite pizza sauces are slightly sweet, and when you add the sugar to this one, it really makes the pizza soooo much better! We love it with the little secret ingredient!

I hope this helps you make homemade pizza and not have huge waste in the end. You’ll either use all, or close to all of this and not only is that an accomplishment in itself, but this is seriously my favorite pizza sauce now! If you make this, please tag me on IG or send me an email. I’d love to see! :)

2 ingredient pizza sauce

2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce

Sophia Inza


  • 1 8.5 oz can tomato sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
  • SECRET INGREDIENT: 1 teaspoon sugar


  • Combine all ingredients in a mason jar or a bowl.
  • Use immediately on your favorite pizza or pasta.
  • That's it! Enjoy :)

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10 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Pizza Sauce”

  1. Love it! So easy to make! My husband likes to eat homemade pizza every Saturday so I will try your sauce recipe this time.

  2. This is incredible! I was just lamenting that I don’t have any pasta sauce. But I do have both (all three) of these ingredients! I can make my own!

  3. Sometimes it takes reading to learn the simplest things! We do 2-ingredient pizza dough so this goes perfect with that! We actually usually use a marinara sauce and add either diced tomatoes or spices to make it different. We use Italian seasoning often so we definitely will try this soon!

  4. rosemary | a hint of rosemary

    Such a great concept! I usually use leftover marinara for my homemade pizza but there are those times when I don’t have any of that hangin’ in the fridge. Will try this for sure!!

  5. Jen @ Jenron Designs

    Now I have the song a just a spoonful of sugar stuck in my head….LOL but what a simple pizza sauce gotta give it a try.

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