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This is my first installment of Q&A Fridays.  I don’t know how often these will be happening…that mostly depends on how many questions I get.  However, for now I have quite a few to get me going and I’m so excited to start. :) You all have asked me so many questions, on varying topics such as my marriage, relationships with family and friends, wedding planning, cooking/baking tips and utensils, what journaling Bible I use as well as the translation, tips and tricks for lettering and calligraphy, apps I recommend, shopping tips to save money, brands I like and more! I think I will usually try to keep a theme with these Q&As, but for today, I’m going to mix it up and answer the questions I’ve been getting the most lately! :)  So here goes!

What journaling Bible do you use?

I just received my first journaling Bible from my husband as a birthday gift and I absolutely love it!  Mine is the NKJV Holy Bible, Journal Edition (published by Thomas Nelson).  It is single columned which I absolutely love as well!  It gives me so much more space for writing between the lines and all around the text.  It’s definitely been great.  If you want to get my same Bible for a great deal, try shopping the link below to buy my same copy   (this is an affiliate link).


Where did you print Save the Dates, Bridal Shower Invites and Wedding Invitations for your wedding?

I used a few different websites to do this!  For my save the dates, I wanted use a picture of us, so I created it using Minted. They turned out really nice with a picture and text on the front and a verse on the back.


For my bridal shower, I used Wedding Paper Divas, and this card in particular.  I was going for a really feminine look and the whole shower was themed pink and gold so it was a perfect match! For my wedding invite, I also used Wedding Paper Divas because I loved the quality of their cards from the bridal shower invites.  And the price was pretty good also…that matters. ;)  I can’t seem to find the one I selected for my wedding invitation on the site anymore.  It was formal and a bit vintage.  The card was beige with navy blue lettering inside of a laser cut/lace pocket.  I still love it!

How did you and your husband meet?

My husband and I met on June 10, 2013 at my sister’s high school graduation.  He was the keynote speaker and afterwards, I walked up to him and thanked him for what he said.  He initially thought I was my sister, but he later realized I was the older sister.  We spent the rest of that evening talking and some time later began texting. Our relationship did not officially begin until 10 months later on April 10, 2014, and we remained “just friends” until then.  There was no mention of feelings or anything of the like until the day we became official.  If you want to read more of our love story, feel free to check out this post on how we met, this post on our engagement, and this post on our wedding day. :)

What are you studying?

I have a high school piano diploma which allows me to teach piano.  That’s what I currently do.  I am also in school through Liberty University Online studying Christian Counseling through Religion with a focus on women and marriage. The more I learn, the more I love what I’m studying!  I have 5 more classes to graduate and I’ll be taking them all this summer.  I can’t wait to get my diploma! :)

What are your go-to recipes?

If you are invited to my house, you will be eating parmesan crusted pork chops and restaurant style mashed potatoes the first time you’re over.  That’s just my go-to, I’m-comfortable-making-this meal! haha  If it’s just my husband and I, another favorite is Crock Pot Ribs.  We also love turkey meatballs with any kind of pasta and sauce!

Our favorite quick desserts include s’mores dip, nutella crescent rolls and cinnamon roll crescents! And our favorite hot drink is white hot chocolate.  Soooo delicious! :)

Well, that’s it for now!  If you’d like to ask me any questions, feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected].  I’d love to hear from you! :)

xo, Sophie


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2 thoughts on “Q&A Friday’s”

  1. kristinkikiveiga

    I have the exact same Bible! I got it a few months ago. Micron pens work great in it! And I can’t wait for you to graduate so we can start meeting up again!! <3

  2. Gabriela Astrid

    Hey! so neat to read about you. I am dreaming of starting a blog, and love this type of post… might use!

    I”m also a pianist. With two littles, blogging would be more flexible creative outlet. :)

    Go LU! I studied at USF and am from Tampa. Hope to keep in touch!:)

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